Create and Share personalized Newsletter Digests

Curate you own newsletter digest and get it delivered straight to your Inbox and let your friends or colleagues subscribe to it.


A feature set tailored for managing newsletters, sharing and decluttering your inbox.

AI Based Summaries

For our Pro subscribers, we will create summaries for each incoming newsletter as well as a total summary for every new digest issue.

Dedicated email per digest

After creating a digest you will get a special email address, which you can use to forward emails to or susbscribe to newsletter with.

Works well with your email

We test our digest temlates on different client and make sure they always look the same and provide the best possible reading experience.

Smart formatting

Apart from extracting email subject and title we also crop away any artifacts left from forwarding emails to your digest in order for your newsletters to always look as they were intended.

Reading experience

Our web-app is optimized for reading multiple newsletters and provides features for cycling through your digest and easily sharing individual newsletters.

Public digests

You can easily make your digest public and allow anybody with an email to subscribe to your tailored digest. Share curated newsletter collection with friends!

Comprehensive scheduling

You can decide the sending schedule for your digest as you see fit. Daily, weekly, monthly are all possible and allow for timezone customization.

Works with your email

We test the forwarding and rendering for multiple email providers and device sizes

Apple ICloud & IOS

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start?

You just need an email address to sign-up to Krz Digest.

Do I need to sign-up to subscribe to public digests?

No, if you have the link to the digest you want to subscribe to, you can just use your email and subscribe without creating an account.

How do I share my public digests with friends of colleagues?

Just send them the link to your digest after making it public in the digest settings

How can I unsubscribe from all emails?

Each digest email we send you will have two unsubscribe links; one to unsubscribe from the digest and one to unsubscribe from all communication. You can always resubscribe by using the same link again. For individual digests just subscribe again using the app.

Should I forward or redirect my emails to my digest?

Generally you can just simply set up a forwarding rule. We will try to remove the forwarding text and keep your newsletter clean.

Do I always have to set up email forwarding to get my newsletters to my digest?

No! You can just use your digests unique email, which you can find on the digest overview page, and use that to subscribe to any newsletter out there. The confirmation emails will appear in your digest and you can delete them later just by selecting them and clicking delete.

What data do you store?

Apart from the your newsletters, we only store your email address, for the purposes of logging you in and sending out digests.

How stable is this?

We are still in beta, so some bugs and late email deliveries are to be expected.

Are my emails secure?

Krz Digest is primarily designed for newsletters, so we do not recommend forwarding sensitive emails to your digest, especially the public ones. You can always delete emails you did not intend to forward.

Will my digest appear on Google or another search engine?

At the moment the digest name and content should not be indexed by any search engine. In the future we plan to allow search engines to index public digests only

The formatting on my email is broken, what should I do ?

Please reach out to us with a screenshot and some details via the chat widget on the right side of the screen or by sending us an email at [email protected].

My usecase is not fully supported, what should I do?

All feedback and user requests are welcome. Please open a request on our Feedback, the link is at the top of the page.

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