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User Guide

Welcome to Krz Digest 👋

Krz Digest allows you to bring your newsletters or emails into a digest, sent out straight to your inbox as often as you want 🗓️.

Below is a short tutorial highlighting the primary functionalities of the application.


Krz has been designed for simplicity and has only a few main views:


Here you can browse and search for your exiting digests as well as create new ones by clicking the Create button. Clicking it will create a new digest with a placeholder title, which you can edit to your liking from the Digest view.

📢 While you can create digests as soon as your register, you will not be able to recieve emails with any digest, until your verify your email address by clicking the link we sent you after registration.

Access the Digest view by clicking on any digest from your list.

Digest View

This is the main view of Krz and allows you to read and search all the emails in your digest and manage the digest itself. Here is a quick overview of the different things you can do in this view:

  • 📝 Title – you can edit the title, just by clicking on it or the edit button.

Please note the title can be maximum 200 characters long and you need to click the save 💾 button to actually update the title.

  • 📝 Copy Digest address – Clicking this will place the digest address in your clipboard.

You can use this unique address to forward emails to your digest or directly subscribe to newsletters with it.

  • ✅ Subscribe — you are not automatically subscribed to digests you create, so you will need to subscribe to them explicitly.

You can use any email for this, but using the autofilled email of your Krz Digest account will allow you to recieve issues for your private digests and not just the public ones

  • 🔗 Share —Will open up a share menu, so you can share the digest

  • 📖 Read You can read individual emails directly from this view by clicking any email.

Additionally, this view allows you to quickly navigate between, share and delete individual emails

  • ⚙️ Settings — This allows you to delete your digest, toggle its privacy and set a schedule for how often the digest should be sent out.
    • For new issues to be generated you have to set this schedule after creating a new digest. Please make sure you do this after your create a new digest
    • By default, the timezone is set to your local timezone. This will be used to decide when a new issue is sent out to the subscribers.
    • You can use the reset button to undo your changes


Contains a searchable and browsable list of digests made public by other users of Krz. You select any of them and subscribe to receive new issues, just like you would any digest.

📢 In case a user makes a digest private your subscription will not be active anymore and you will not recieve any new issues.


You can access the settings page by clicking the button in the navigation. The page allows you to:

  • View your user details and confirmation status
  • Browse your subscriptions and quickly unsubscribe from any digest
  • Manage your subscription plan, for more details on this, please visit https://krz.am